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Excess Baggage Express

Excess Baggage Express

Save more than 50% on your International Excess Baggage & Unaccompanied Baggage Worldwide.

Just a decade ago, air travel was simple, buy a ticket and fly.


This model has begun to disappear as many airlines emerge from just transportation business to retail business, they think more like a retail business. They charge from services which are non-core to airlines operation or passenger services but offer an opportunity for airlines to earn income.


On the another side factors like massive running cost, increasing fuel prices and declining passenger’s fares with the entry of new airlines (particularly in the domestic sector) forced them to find new ways of making additional income from those travelling with them.


Checked baggage is one of these ways. It impacts on your wallet, if your baggage is above a certain weight limit.


Instead of being caught out at check-in, plan ahead. You might consider sending your luggage as unaccompanied baggage when.


 1. Travelling internationally for a long trip, which requires a good deal of baggage.


2. International students who need to send their books, computer, textbooks, clothing or personal items etc.


3. Emigrating, and therefore require to send ahead a large amount of personal effects.


4. Luggage that exceeds the limits for weight, size or number of pieces allowed by a particular carrier.


We are specializing in shipping Excess baggage as Unaccompanied Baggage through our Cargo services to any destination worldwide.




We enable customers to ship all their excess baggage thus ensuring an easy solution to bypass the strict airline rules on extra luggage.


Don’t struggle to ship your excess baggage across the seven seas of the world. Don’t pay high airline excess baggage charges, send it with us and pick it up from the airport.

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